Cabilfrut and Green SuperFood join forces on avocados

Cabilfrut and Green SuperFood join forces in the production and marketing of avocados

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Cabilfrut and Green SuperFood join forces in the production and marketing of avocados

The alliance between both companies specialized in growing and exporting avocados will allow them to combine the production and logistics experience that Green SuperFood has in Colombia and Cabilfrut’s extensive knowledge in exporting and mastering international markets.

Through a comprehensive strategic alliance between the Chilean avocado producing and exporting company, Cabilfrut, together with Green SuperFood - one of the leading companies in avocado production in Colombia with operations also in Brazil - have joined forces in order to enhance their offer, with commercial programs in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin American markets.

Juan Pablo Cerda, executive director of Cabilfrut, says: “Our alliance is planned for the long term. We seek to integrate the strengths of both companies, from production to logistics and commercial.”

“Our bet is ambitious, but at the same time, totally realistic. Green SuperFood already owns and operates a high-standard packing facility, which provides additional reliability to the operation in Colombia. The idea is to promote it so that all the avocado that both companies produce in Colombia, will be processed there,” adds Cerda.

Likewise, Rodrigo Manzo, director of Green SuperFood, anticipates that in the medium term, they hope to add other origins and other products, which go in the same direction as the strategy of this alliance.

“In the immediate future, we have begun utilizing physical and human infrastructure in a complementary manner. This reduces costs and improves operational agility, resulting in an optimal fruit offering, not only in quality but also in volume and service. This, in turn, will allow our producers to obtain a better return,” says Manzo.

Through this alliance, growth, efficiency and better results are expected, with “more producers joining this idea,” says Cerda.

Cabilfrut and Green SuperFood are simultaneously working on unifying their image and label, to become one of the most recognized companies in their target markets.

Both companies comment that they are “very excited and confident in this alliance,” since they share fundamental values for a successful business, such as knowledge of the avocado industry and experience in marketing. Added to this is the fact that Green SuperFood has done an exceptional job in the growth of the avocado industry in Colombia, with a focus on social awareness and sustainability in its operations, and the long and extensive experience and knowledge of the avocado industry, especially in marketing, that Cabilfrut has had for more than 34 years in the markets.

About Cabilfrut and Green SuperFood

Cabilfrut is a Chilean family business founded in 1989. The company is mainly dedicated to the production, marketing and export of Hass avocados and citrus fruits. Cabilfrut has a strong presence in the international market, with its main export markets being North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Latin America. The company has expanded its operations to Colombia, where it has formed alliances with local producers and acquired new farms to continue its growth in the country. Cabilfrut has its headquarters located in Vitacura, Santiago, and also has a packaging plant in Cabildo, V Region, Chile.

Green SuperFood is a major player in Colombia's Hass avocado industry, where it owns top-of-the-line processing plants and operations with a focus on the production and export of premium, sustainable fresh fruit. The company has stood out for its ability to grow avocados sustainably, contributing to the development of rural areas and providing stable income and formal jobs to local communities, always promoting high respect for the environment. This model is also already in full development and with great success in Brazil, adding a new origin with great potential to the market.

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