American importers pushing U.S. Systems Approach approval

After 20 years of work the Systems Approach has been authorized by the technical organizations of both the U.S. and Chile, it now awaits publication in the Federal Register by the USDA.

calendar_today November 15 , 2023
Peruvian table grape exports down 9%

Provid’s General Manager Alejandro Cabrera tells FreshFruitPortal.com that the decrease is mostly due to weather phenomena.

calendar_today November 14 , 2023
Chilean table grape exports project 5% uptick for 2023-24

For the upcoming 2023-24 term, the U.S. is projected to take 56% of overall shipments, with Asia and Europe following with a 19% and 16% share, respectively.

calendar_today October 25 , 2023
Chilean table grapes: Struggle to get Systems Approach approved

We spoke with Andrés Rodríguez, agricultural attaché of the Chilean embassy in the U.S. about negotiations on the approval of the Systems Approach for Chilean table grapes, which has once again been held up for political reasons.

calendar_today October 23 , 2023
Q&A: Frutura CEO David Krause on huge dual acquisition

"We knew we wanted to be in the berry space in a meaningful way, and when the opportunity presented itself to be able to put both of these companies together, that for us was like a perfect scenario and almost like a unicorn event," says Krause.

calendar_today October 17 , 2023
Peruvian grapes to reach 72 million boxes

FreshFruitPortal.com spoke with the general manager of Provid, Alejandro Cabrera, who says that, just like other crops, table grapes have been affected by weather conditions.

calendar_today October 09 , 2023
California table grapes struggle in Asia due to Hurricane Hilary

The loss of 25 million boxes was felt by international importers, especially by some Asian clients experiencing lower volume and difficulty guaranteeing the quality of the fruit arriving at port. However, there are exceptions.

calendar_today October 03 , 2023
Fruit World launches organic grape program

Fruit World’s grape program features different varieties and runs from late July through October.

calendar_today July 27 , 2023
Mexican grapes winding down

After a high-priced early Jalisco deal, Mexico’s traditional Sonoran production was delayed and otherwise set back by unseasonably chilly temperatures.

calendar_today July 24 , 2023
Sun World announces new red seedless grape brand

Sun World launched the all-new Ruby Rush brand red seedless grapes, an ideal replacement for traditional early-season red seedless grapes like Flame Seedless and other red varieties throughout the season.

calendar_today July 18 , 2023
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