Industry Announcements

Hazel Tech announces successful grape campaign with Campos Borquez

July 08 , 2020

PICO Company: Egypt to produce more high-quality citrus

James Ronan, CEO of GROPRO (USA) discussed with Eng. Alaa Diab, CEO of PICO Group (pictured above) the latest developments in Egyptian citrus production and exports.
July 07 , 2020

The evolution and benefits of coir for crop production

Botanicoir talks to two early coir adopters about how it has evolved to meet the demands of today’s production systems and the qualities they most value.
June 30 , 2020

Fester & Co. GmbH consolidates presence in South America and opens new office in Peru

Fester & Co. GmbH, Germany has proudly announced the foundation of its newest branch in Peru: Fester Marine Peru SAC.
June 25 , 2020

'Cream of the Crop' avocado brand Viavi launched in partnership with Afrupro

Viavi is the “Cream of the Crop” brand that has been launched for all certified Maluma produce that is sourced from registered Maluma intermediaries that are signed up with the Maluma Avo branding company.
June 24 , 2020

Broom Frio Holding continues its growth at international level

In 2020 Broom Group started the construction of a cold storage facility for fresh fruit, thinking mainly of satisfying the demand generated by the Olmos irrigation project.
June 23 , 2020

Summer Citrus from South Africa's Suhanra Conradie: We are selling a country with confidence

We caught up with Suhanra Conradie to hear about how the group is this year celebrating women in produce, the joys of being part of the global produce industry, and expectations for the 2020 citrus campaign amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
June 22 , 2020

GreenTech Americas rescheduled to March 16–18, 2021

June 15 , 2020

Naturipe Snacks announces new sweet and smart product offerings

June 15 , 2020

Broom Group celebrates 100 years of serving customers around the world

Thanks to the vision of its owners and a supportive team, Broom Group has been able to maintain sustained growth and has expanded all areas of development.
June 11 , 2020