Industry Announcements

C&L Fruits: Export and production of the freshest fruit from the Southern Hemisphere

Having fresh, tasty and quality fruit throughout the year is essential for consumers around the world. The Chilean company C&L Fruits is recognized worldwide as a leading company in the production and export of quality fresh fruit.
October 25 , 2021

Yupaa and Capespan celebrate 5 years of their successful partnership in India

October 15 , 2021

Leading fruit producer Mapeks Organics increases product quality and capacity with the TOMRA Blizzard

October 13 , 2021

Fruit Attraction 2021, special "retail" edition, will be attended by companies from over 44 countries

October 04 , 2021

StePac launches lean and fully recyclable top seal solution

September 24 , 2021

Great news for horticultural sector and GreenTech

September 23 , 2021

Expanding the global supply window for Hass-like fruit

September 20 , 2021

TOMRA 5C gives hazelnut producer a competitive advantage targeting high-quality export markets

September 16 , 2021

New highlights GreenTech: Food safety, sustainability, hydroponics

September 15 , 2021

Fruit Attraction has already registered 1,200 exhibiting companies to take part

September 14 , 2021