Chile's govt agrees to national agricultural policy -

Chile's govt agrees to national agricultural policy

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Chile's govt agrees to national agricultural policy

The Chilean Government has agreed to create a state policy for agriculture, with a bill approved in the Chamber of the House in response to protests earlier this month.

In a special meeting requested by the Christian Democrat caucus, ministers discussed the 'crucial' reality of the industry with the high currency value, debt, energy prices and production costs.

Agricultural Minister José Antonio Galilea (center)

Draft Agreement 374 proposed to involve all public institutions to create a national agricultural strategy, with 78 votes in favor and one against.

Several ministers were critical of national bank BancoEstado and the Institute of Agricultural Development (INDAP) for their lack of proactivity to meet the challenges of the sector.

The document includes a request to BancoEstado to explore currency stabilization options, increase US dollar purchase and control speculative capital.

The bill also proposes the Ministry of Finance initiate studies into the creation of an Agricultural Bank, with extended benefits for forestry and Chilean food promotion abroad.

The Ministry of Energy has been asked to eliminate a peak system for agriculture to remove discriminatory user fees.

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