Peru's new ag minister backs innovation for farmers -

Peru's new ag minister backs innovation for farmers

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Peru's new ag minister backs innovation for farmers

Peru's new agriculture minister Luis Ginocchio Balcázar, has pledged to boost entrepreneurship among the country's small and medium-sized producers so they can make the most of international market opportunities.

Ginocchio said he also wanted to help farmers manage the coast, highlands and jungle areas, while strengthening key partnerships and associations to help them overcome challenges.

He recognized that farmers faced obstacles dealing with regional and local governments, and not just the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG).

"We will strengthen intersectoral co-ordination to address these challenges and will strive to get results," he told civil servants of his new department in a public address," said Ginocchio.

Ginocchio is a specialist in competitiveness, innovation, international marketing and rural business issues.

His previous posts have included head of the Compensation Program for Competitiveness (PCC) and also head of the Agricultural Technology Project Fund (INCAGRO)

He has a BA in business administration from the Universidad de Piura and also a masters  from Universidad Panamericano Business School (IPADE, México).

In the private sector, Ginocchio has been general manager of companies in the food industry, packaging and pharmaceutical-related enterprises.

Photo: MINAG

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