Brazil shows off grape juice options

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Brazil shows off grape juice options

The Brazilian government highlighted the nation's best grape varieties for juicing over the weekend at agricultural showcase Expointer in Esteio, Rio Grande do Sul.grapes mixed in box _ ffp

The National Grape and Wine Research Center and Ministry of Agriculture recognized traditional juice varieties such as Concord, Isabella and Niagara from the United States.

The government's breeding program, however, has sought to develop new varieties and increase productivity. So far, the program said it has increased yield from 23MT to 30MT per hectare.

Since 2000, the program has developed several varieties including BRS Rubea, a cross between the Ives Noir variety and Niagara. Other developments include Concord Clone 30, from the original Concord variety, and Isabel Precoce, from the original Isabella variety.

Using the BRS Rubea variety, breeders have also developed BRS Cora, BRS Violeta, BRS Carmem and, most recently, BRS Magna.

The Gaucho Highlands in Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul state is the nation's most significant zone for grape production for juicing. Other important regions include Paraná, Mato Grosso, Goiás and the São Francisco river valley.

According to, Brazil produces 150 million liters of grape juice a year. To qualify as grape juice, the organization specifies that there must be at least 2kgs of fruit juice per liter.


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