Colombia promotes "más" Hass

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Colombia promotes "más" Hass

In a three-year project, expected to directly benefit 2,000 avocado producers, the Colombian government will seek to promote technological, industrial and commercial growth for the Hass variety of the fruit. The Antioquia Avocado paltas_21442027Corporation (Corpoaguacate), in collaboration with the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, will work with grower associations, distributors and researchers to close the region's knowledge gap on this promising variety.

Corpoaguacate executive director Juan Camilo Ruiz explained to that much of the effort ahead will focus on familiarization.

"In Colombia, knowledge of Hass avocados is very poor. There are a lot of people that think that a Hass is ripe when it is already damaged or rotten. There are only 9,000 hectares cultivated, in comparison to the 22,000 we have for other varieties," Ruiz said.

"So this is a publicity and promotional campaign to offer insight on Hass avocados."

Corpoaguacate's efforts began two months ago, but the official campaign launch came last week. With the announcement, the corporation hopes to attract producer, exporter and consumer attention throughout the country to increase familiarity with the fruit.

Ruiz emphasized the importance of training production operators and technical assistants on farms to later carry out their own trainings to spread Hass cultivation knowledge. The end goal is to increase plantations, grow consumption and encourage producers to pursue Global GAP certification to enter export markets like Europe.

The project will provide 60,000 seedlings to be planted on 220,000 hectares, with the hopes of creating 100 Global GAP-certified producers.

consumemasshass"We hope to increase Hass avocado consumption among Antioquia residents, increase operational capacity of El Retiro Avocado Producers Association (Aproare) and, in general, improve knowledge on the uses and consumption of Hass avocados among Colombians," Ruiz said.

With respect to the "Cosume Máss Hass" or "Consume More Hass" campaign, Ruiz said promotions will include 15 commercials for radio and television on preparation and recipes, informational posters and consumption guides.

The campaign will focus on three points: "For pleasure, for health, for quality."

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