Canada: CPMA congratulates new govt -

Canada: CPMA congratulates new govt

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Canada: CPMA congratulates new govt

The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) has congratulated Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team on winning a majority government, and is looking forward to working with them on the produce sector's key issues.

"Moving forward with a stable majority government is crucial to the produce industry and we are hopeful this will provide the Liberals with the opportunity to enact strong long term plans that support growth and competitiveness for our industry," CPMA president Ron Lemaire said in a release. Trudeau

"The Liberal platform and support for produce industry issues will also improve key relationships with our major trading partner."

In campaigns, the newly elected party promised to give Canadian produce sellers protection at home, while restoring Canada's preferential access to Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) provisions in the U.S.

"CPMA looks forward to working with the new government and our industry partners to ensure that this promise becomes a reality and resolves this long-standing need for our industry," Lemaire said.

"CPMA will be urging the new government to implement a National Fruit and Vegetable Health Policy to increase produce consumption for the health of Canadians and the growth of our industry.

"Labour and Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) are another key area where CPMA will be encouraging the new government to follow through with their commitment to reforms to the TFW that recognize the unique labour needs that come with producing perishable products."

In the election, the Liberal Party won 184 seats, the Conservative Party 99, the NDP 44, the Bloc Québécois 10, and the Green Party 1.

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