Peru: Vanguard International buys Challapampa

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Peru: Vanguard International buys Challapampa

Washington State-based Vanguard International has purchased one of Peru's leading growers of grapes, citrus and pomegranates, gaining control of the two farms Agricola Challapampa S.A.C. and Agricola Milagritos S.A.C.

Collectively known as Challapampa, the two operations cover 500 hectares of production in the country's department of Ica.

The move comes seven months after New York-based Blue Road Capital injected US$250 million of funding into Vanguard International to help grow its global fruit and vegetable business.

In a release, Vanguard said Challampampa had become one of the most sought after suppliers in the global market with a stable of well known and demanded labels including Red Tiger, Red Rabbit, Golden Horse, Sweet Crane, and Pampa Fresh.

The group's portfolio of grapes includes proprietary seedless varieties and Red Globes, while in citrus the focus is on Tango mandarins.

Table grape harvests in the area, located in the Villacuri region of Ica, is generally timed for mid‐November through the end of March.

"We are thrilled to welcome Challapampa to Vanguard and continue our working relationship with this global industry leader," Vanguard CEO Craig Stauffer said in a release.

"We are proud to be associated with Challapampa and look forward to increasing our footprint in Peru to enhance
our ability to supply our customers around the world."

The group aims to develop Challapampa further and will continue to focus on planting additional acreage of complimentary products.

Frank Michell will continue as Vanguard Peru’s and Agricola Challapampa's general consultant, while Darío Núñez will continue as vice president of farming operations.

"We are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition and seamless integration of all entities as we enter this exciting partnership between Challapama and Vanguard," Michell said in the release.

"This is the start of many more strategic combinations between the Peru growing community and the global leaders at Vanguard International,” Núñez added.

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