EMEA: Driscoll's aims to become first consumer brand in berries

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EMEA: Driscoll's aims to become first consumer brand in berries

Innovation and strengthening grower relationships will form the cornerstone of Driscoll's strategy to become a leading berry brand in Europe in the coming years. 

Driscoll's marketing and communications manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Marieke Appel.

In a release, Driscoll's marketing and communications manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Marieke Appel said the group had been aiming for consumers to experience "delight" from the very beginning. 

Last July, that mission was given further impetus by the launch of a more focused consumer-oriented brand

"The berry category is mostly driven by private labels. Our aim is to become the first consumer brand in this category," Appel said.

"We have taken a fundamental step with a clear global brand positioning, focusing on berry quality. In the upcoming years, we will use innovation as our biggest strength to create an emotional connection with consumers.

"This will show in new packaging, creative concepts and storytelling. By sharing the love and attention we put into the development and growth of our berries, we can offer the consumer a complete berry experience. In the more mature markets, we will also launch large consumer campaigns to increase our brand loyalty."

She said the aim was to boost retail customers' berry category knowledge.

"That is why, we attracted highly experienced category managers to our company, who provide retailers with advice about cold chain management, waste reduction, in-store presentation and consumer activations based on our shopper insights. As a result we can build the berry category together," she said.

Driscoll’s senior vice president for EMEA, Theo Houwen, said close cooperation with independent farmers was essential in the production of a joyful product.

Driscoll’s senior vice president for EMEA, Theo Houwen

"Growers are fundamental in delivering the finest berries to our consumers, as they have a huge influence on the quality of our berries right from the start of our berry chain," he said.

"That is why we continually invest in the development of clean plant material, high performing berry varieties and applied research, so that we can provide them with all the essential tools to grow delicious berries.

He said a good example was Driscoll's' successful Northern European blackberry production.

"As a result of our extensive breeding programme, we captured unique characteristics into our blackberry varieties. On top of that, we utilised innovative growing techniques in our glasshouses to deliver outstanding berries to the market," he said.

"The sweetness, size and juiciness of these fruits surprised many consumers in a way that contributes to the revival of the blackberry."

He emphasized the company also invested a lot of time in consumer studies, in-store research and panel tests to measure the quality and preferences of consumers.

"Freshness is after flavour, one of the most important drives of berry sales. Therefore, we explore different options to produce closer to the European market and guarantee a fresh product year-round.

"This means that we are developing earlier berry varieties to better connect the seasons and use local-for-local production to maintain a short travel distance to the market.

"Furthermore we are optimising our cold chain, so that we can directly deliver our berries from the field to our customers."

Headline photo: Berry and sweet potato salad recipe by Driscoll's



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