California table grape crop forecast falls again

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California table grape crop forecast falls again

The California Table Grape Commission has further reduced the crop estimate for the 2019 season, now projecting a final total of 109m 19-pound boxes.

The initial spring estimate was for 116.2m boxes, while the second forecast in late-July projected the crop to be 112m boxes.

By comparison, last year the crop was 115.6m boxes, and the five-year average is 110.4m boxes.

Shipments will continue into January, the California Table Grape Commission said.

Kathleen Nave, the organizations' president, noted that in July California table grape growers thought they had the third-largest crop in history hanging in their vineyards.

But recent assessments indicate the crop is in the normal range of 109 million 19-pound boxes, similar in size to the crops of 2014 through 2017.

Noting that there comes a point when retailers can offer imported grapes to their customers instead of sticking with California-grown grapes, Nave said the commission will continue working with retailers to promote the crop and will
encourage them to carry California grapes into January.

Around 40-50% of the California table grape crop is typically shipped after Oct. 1.

“Grapes from California are stunningly beautiful, full of flavor and phytonutrients, and are both a healthy, anytime snack and a simple, awe-inspiring ingredient,” said Nave.

Suggesting that fall is the time to search out new uses and try varieties that are unfamiliar, Nave recommends checking out the extensive collection of traditional and on-trend usage ideas at


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