Peruvian grape exports to grow 15%

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Peruvian grape exports to grow 15%

Peruvian grape exports are forecast to grow by up to 15% year-on-year in the 2019-20 season.

Carlos Zamorano of industry body PROVID told this would translate to over 5m boxes (410,000 metric tons).

"Our projections are preliminary as we are still at the start of our campaign. However, we see that there is growth compared to last year," he said.

Last season saw 47m boxes exported. This marked a 40% year-on-year rise but followed a low volume season in 2017-18 which was heavy affected by rains and flooding.

The industry's varietal mix continues to evolve. Just a few years ago Red Globe represented 85% of production, but last year it was just 37%.

"It is clear that the sector had adapted very well to the market requirements," he said.

So far the season is developing normally, especially in terms of the weather.

"That gives us high hopes for a good result to the campaign, with year-on-year volume growth," he said.

The main markets for would remain the U.S. this year, he said, followed by China and the EU.

Peruvian grape challenges

Although the weather may not be an issue this season, Zamorano highlighted that the industry was not without its challenges.

One of these includes export markets' increasing focus on phytosanitary standards and innocuousness.

This is especially true in Asia and Europe, he said. "It's a big trend and a huge requirement for our growers."

On the political crisis in Peru at the moment, Zamorano said that it was affecting the country's whole economy. It also distracts the government from working to boost the country's competitivity.



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