Fresh food sales in China boosted by Covid-19 -

Fresh food sales in China boosted by Covid-19

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Fresh food sales in China boosted by Covid-19

Nearly half of consumers in China reported that they bought more fresh food than before the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting quarantine measures put in place, according to new research at Kantar.

Increased attention toward health as reflected through consumers buying more fresh foods is expected to continue even as the pandemic's impact lessens.

Three-quarters of the investigator's respondents in China said that they would be more concerned with health-related buying even after Covid-19.

This, say researchers, implies that shoppers are spending more time in the kitchen.

In speculating the possible reasons why fresh fruits and vegetables have been impacted by Covid-19 in Northern China, the publication says that the "nutritional properties" found in fresh produce fit the needs of consumers amid the health crisis.

Influencing the public's perception of healthy foods associated with boosting immunity is also considered a factor casuing the recent shift.

Here, healthy fruits and veggies have significant potential in the market. Snacks that take advantage of the "health and education" perspective will likely be attractive to consumers - at least in China - in upcoming months.

Not to be overlooked, the rapid development of e-commerce amid the outbreak in China is notable and necessary to acknowledge when looking at data on consumer preferences.

Kantar says that in 2019, the average number of available online grocery and food delivery services that a single consumer in China used was five.

Online penetration for fresh food reached 20% in urban China and out of the sources used, 35% of respondents said they used Wechat for ordering online in the month of February.

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