Ecuador forecasts lighter and flatter mango season

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Ecuador forecasts lighter and flatter mango season

Ecuadorian mango volumes are set to fall by 5% year-on-year during the 2020-21 season, according to an industry representative.

Bernardo Malo, president of the Mango Ecuador Foundation, told that last season around 13m boxes had been exported, but that this year it will likely be around 12.4m boxes.

The main factor behind this decline is the weather, especially the low temperatures in growing regions over recent months. 

In addition, the industry is experiencing an off-bearing year, he said.

Around 80% of production is sent to the U.S., with most of the rest going to Canada, Europe, Mexico and Chile.

The peak export weeks are expected to be 46 to 48, with the campaign due to get underway in week 38.

"We think that it's going to be a flatter season than normal. While there will be a volume peak, we think that it will be less marked than in previous seasons," Malo said, explaining that would be positive for managing fruit in markets.

It could also help to achieve better average pricing, he said.

"Mexico finished up earlier than normal, which created an attractive window for Brazilian mangoes, which is still shipping significant volumes," he said.

"We believe that Ecuador, which is just about to begin, could see a good transition without any oversupply in the market, at least not at the start. That should help to keep prices healthy."

He also highlighted that Ecuador is able to offer a large range of varieties, such as Ataulfo, Tommy Atkins, Kent, and Keitt.

Malo urged urged mango importers to recognize the effort the industry is making to get its fruit to the market and to therefore treat the fruit as best as possible.

"Nowadays it is no secret that Ecuador is one of the most expensive Latin American countries to produce, so all that effort of the growers should be compensated," he said.

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