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Mexico’s table grape season facing delays - report

May 18 , 2022

Mexico’s table grape season could see a slower-than-expected start due to weather conditions which have slowed the ripening process, local press reports indicate.

Marco Antonio Camou, president of a Sonora based local grape growers association, told Diario de Hermosillo that parts of the region have yet to see the warmer days needed to properly harvest the grapes.

“Usually, the beginning of May is when the harvest starts, and it depends much on the weather, lately nights have been cold, days have not been very warm, and this means that the grape ripening is delayed along with their harvest,” Camou is quoted as saying.

Furthermore, Camou said that he expected a harvest for the region of up to 29 million boxes, higher than the 25 million boxes officially projected by the Mexican table grape growers association (AALPUM)

In terms of economic impact, Camou believes that this season would generate $425 million in value for the Sonora based industry. 

Mexico’s industry has been expanding its portfolio of varieties planted, and thus extending the season and leveling off traditional peaks of the harvest in June. This season’s harvest comes at a time when freight costs and logistics into the main receiving market of the U.S., have added uncertainty for growers. 

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