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Strong Peruvian table grape preseason suggests "bigger" 2022-23 season

August 11 , 2022

With the Peruvian table grape preseason well underway, there are a lot of expectations for what Peru could achieve this 2022-23 season which takes place between October and March.

Fernando Cillóniz Benavides, President of the consulting firm Inform@cción, highlighted that the preseason for table grapes is looking positive, which is a clear sign that the 2022-23 season will be a success, according to a report by

He pointed out that the Peruvian table grape preseason started several months prior to the season, as dispatches began in May. So far, the preseason is well ahead of last year’s records for the same months.

He elaborated that between May and June of this year, Peru exported over 5.5 million kilos of table grapes, recording a 66.5 percent increase compared to the 3.3 million kilos dispatched in the same months last year.

“That is an indication that the 2022-23 table grape season will be bigger than the 2021-22 season in which our country exported 64.8 million boxes (of 8.2 kilos per unit)”, said Cillóniz.

At the end of June 2022, the General Manager of the Peruvian Table Grape Growers Association (Provid), Alejandro Cabrera Cigarán, projected that Peru would export no less than 70 million boxes of table grapes in the 2022-23 season.


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