Retail avocado sales reach $180 million for U.S. spring holidays

Retail avocado sales rise to $180M for U.S. spring holidays

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Retail avocado sales rise to $180M for U.S. spring holidays

Spring festivities Easter, Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day accounted for 24% of U.S. market Hass avocado sales during Q2. 

Rising average selling prices (ASP) for Hass avocados drove a combined 123 million units and $180 million in retail dollar sales, according to the Hass Avocado Board (HAB), which releases a holiday recap each quarter, covering avocado sales trends for key avocado holidays and events.

Easter week saw an ASP increase of 25%, reaching a four-year high of $59 million. However, volume fell by 10% to 39 million units. On average, retailers saw Easter week sales of $1,555 and 1,030 units per store. 

The West and California regions sold the most volume and had the highest dollar sales. Finally, small Hass avocado dollar sales increased by 34.9% during the holiday, adding $3.4 million in revenue to the category. 

For Cinco de Mayo, a well known holiday for guacamole enthusiasts, dollar sales reached $62 million. This represents a 15% increase year-on-year. 

On a different note, avocado unit sales fell by 10% to 42 million units compared to the same holiday week in 2021. ASP was up by 27% and price increases ranged from 16% in California and 38% in the Northeast.

On a national level, Cinco De Mayo dollar sales increased by almost 8 million, with dollar growth posted in every region. During the holiday week, national volume decreased by 5 million units when compared to the prior year. All regions posted a volume decline versus 2021 except the Great Lakes region. 

Lastly, ASP during Memorial Day week increased by 32% to almost $2 per unit, driving sales up by 10% year-on-year to $58 million. Avocado volume also declined for this holiday week, with a total of 36 million units. 

On average, retailers saw sales of 955 units and $1,539 per store during the week. The West, Southeast and California regions had the highest per store unit and dollar sales. 

Nationally, ASP rose by double digits in all regions: 19% in California and 52% in the South Central region. 

Small avocados accounted for the largest share of the total category, with 27% of dollars. The variety showed the largest incremental dollar increase, adding almost $5 million to the category for the holiday. 

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