Chilean avocado exports to decline by 20% in 2022-23

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Chilean avocado exports to decline by 20% in 2022-23

Frosts and lower temperatures have had a negative impact on Chilean avocado production, according to a report by USDA. For the marketing year 2022-23, exports are estimated at 104,420 MT, marking a 20% decrease from the previous season.

During 2021-22, Chilean avocado exports grew by 71% in volume, and  a 51% rise in value, totalling $267.8 million. 

However, in the first two months of the 2022-23 season, exports decreased by 22% year-on-year. 

Chile’s top export market for avocado is the Netherlands, followed by Argentina, and the United Kingdom. Chilean avocado exports usually peak between October and December along the bulk of the harvest season. 

Export values peak from March to July each year, during the Chilean offseason when avocado supply is lower, the report said. Over time, the avocado unit value remained relatively steady for the past three marketing years, showing some unusual variation in March and April 2021, a year where domestic production was unusually low.

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