California avocado volume ramping up in March

California avocado volume ramping up in March

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California avocado volume ramping up in March

California avocado harvest will ramp up in March and hit full stride from April to July, according to Jeff Oberman, president of the California Avocado Commission. Supplies will then taper off through Labor Day.

While there was a very minor harvest volume in February to date, Oberman indicates to on Feb. 21 that California growers were overwhelmingly holding back on their harvest to wait for a large volume of competitive avocados to flow through the supply chain. A second benefit delaying harvest is to gain some fruit size on the tree. This spring California’s fruit size is expected to be a little larger than it was in 2022.

Heavy January rains were welcomed throughout California’s avocado production areas. 

The 2023 crop volume is expected to be around 257 million pounds, or six percent below 276 million pounds in 2022. The majority (243 million pounds) of the harvest is expected to be the Hass variety. The remaining forecast is Lamb Hass seven-million pounds, GEM six-million and about one million from other varieties that also are being commercially grown in California.

While preliminary social media efforts were coming online in February, the California Avocado Commission is launching its 2023 campaign in April, using the tag line: “The best avoCAdos have California in them!”

The Commission indicates its new advertising creative executions will keep communications fresh. Content will include helpful tips, grower spotlights and new creative videos that demonstrate the fruit’s special traits. Customized retail and foodservice promotions with targeted customers are key components of California avocado marketing support, including recipe and video content for social media platforms. During the season, the Commission keeps California avocados top of mind for avocado shoppers by geotargeting consumers near stores merchandising the fruit.

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