First import of Colombian sugar mango ready to debut in the U.S.

First import of Colombian sugar mango ready to debut in the U.S.

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First import of Colombian sugar mango ready to debut in the U.S.

Colombia’s Sugar Mango Association announced its debut in the United States market, with arrivals of mini-mangos beginning the second week of March.  

Preparations for entry to the U.S. market have been underway for several years, but finally, U.S. consumers will get their first taste of the pocket-sized mango.

Sugar Mango is the second variety of Colombian mango to reach the United States, since in December 2022, the country exported fresh mango to the United States for the first time.

These naturally grown “pocket mangos” easily fit in the palm of your hand, and are unique due to their ability to be eaten with their skin, making them an ideal treat for kids or anytime snacking.

Sweet Sugar Mangos have red and yellow, fragrant flesh with a sweet juicy taste and a brix level of 22.  These miniature mangos are grown naturally, non-GMO, and have a peak harvest season of April through August, with initial imports beginning in March.  

Sugar Mangos are exclusively grown at Colombia’s tropical Caribbean Coast, close to Santa Marta.  

The tropical trade winds and unique soil create an ideal microclimate for this specialty fruit, with an edible skin, much thinner than traditional mangos.   The fruit is very popular in the region, known generically as “Mango de Azucar.”

Unlike the generic tree fruit, Sugar Mangos undergo a proprietary pre-harvest and cultivation method, an immediate cool chain, and a patented, food-safe wash applied post-harvest to condition the fruit well for travel and the best possible taste and shelf life.  

The Sugar Mango Association manages the Sugar Mango trademarks at origin and globally.

The Association and program are open to qualified growers, distributors, exporters, and importers via license.  The variety and brand are trademarked at origin in Colombia, as well as in various international markets, including the United States.  

“Sugar Mangos is designed to deliver a special and unique taste experience to the consumer, and to allow growers, distributors, exporters, and importers all align in a more precise way to ensure a consistent and quality taste experience,” commented Nicolas Mairon, development director for Sugar Mangos brand and licensing programs.

“We have been working for several years with family farmers to prepare this product for export, and for the high expectations of consumers in the North American and European markets.  Sugar Mango™ is lucky to count some of the top regional growers, exporters, and importers as part of our brand.”

Sweet Sugar Mangos are offered commercially in 2 kg (4.45 pound) boxes, which hold between 17-22 mangos.  Specially branded retail kits, POS signage, digital tools, and a social media campaign are all available to help merchandise and sell Sugar Mangos. 

A limited quantity of 6,000-9,000 cases will be offered weekly in the United States for the initial seasons, with programs already being reserved by top grocers, distributors, and markets. 

The exclusive importer of Sugar Mangos in the United States is Seasons Farm Fresh, Miami, FL.

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