Peru is now the leading supplier of avocados and blueberries in the EU

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Peru is now the leading supplier of avocados and blueberries in the EU

Ten years after the Trade Agreement between Peru and the EU, the positioning of Peruvian products in the member states has improved significantly, with shipments accumulating a total of $58 billion.

Copper (11.4%), unroasted coffee (9%), fresh avocados (7%), zinc calcine (6.1%), and blueberries (5.5%) are among the main goods exported.

"The Trade Agreement granted us preferential access for 99.3% of our agricultural products and 100% of industrial products. The growth in the exchange of goods has been such that, to date, the EU is our third largest trading partner," said Peru’s Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, Teresa Mera.

With this, Peru has positioned itself as the leading non-EU supplier of avocado, blueberries and asparagus. Additionally, the country ranks second in fresh grapes.

"The Agreement has allowed us to deepen our trade relationship, generating stability and predictability to the framework of bilateral relations. During these years, we have seen a diversification of the Peruvian export offer; and the entry of European investments to Peru has been facilitated," highlighted UE Ambassador Gaspar Frontini.

During the decade the agreement has been in effect, Peru registered 4,805 new exporting companies to the EU, where 88% of them are micro and small companies. 

In addition, there are 1,213 new tariff items exported to this block. Of these, 98% are non-traditional goods in the metal-mechanic, chemical and agricultural sectors.

Likewise, Peruvian imports from the EU have accumulated over $43 billion. To date, it is Peru's leading supplier of pharmaceutical products and one of the most important suppliers of steel, plastics and vehicles.

2022 in numbers

According to Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR), during 2022, Peruvian exports to the EU totaled $ 6.6 billion.

That same year, 28% of the total shipments of Peruvian agricultural goods to the world were destined for the member countries of this community. 

Coffee exports to the European market grew by 59.6% to $633 million, while blueberries increased by 11.6% to $337 million.

The EU was also the destination of 9% of total Peruvian textile exports, 16% of fisheries, and 6% of mining products.

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