How to build your own greenhouse

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How to build your own greenhouse

If you've ever dreamed of living independently and producing the food you eat, a home greenhouse can be a great step towards that goal. 

Having your own, homegrown vegetables and fruits is without a doubt the best way to control what you eat, and to know that the food in your home is as natural as you want it to be.

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First things first. You will have to start by clearing the area where you are going to install your greenhouse. 

Make a trench all along the contour of the land you have chosen. It should be about 15 inches (40 cm), since it must support a pallet vertically.

Join the pallets to give robustness to the structure. You can use some pallet boards and some suitable nails.

Once the pallet structure is ready, the idea is to have a central wooden "beam" where the canes that we will take from the sides will connect.

After that, the only thing left to do is to place the plastic and secure the whole thing.

For more detailed instructions, you can take a look at this video from Rugged Homestead.

Why should you build your own greenhouse?

- Intensifies production: Greenhouses establish good conditions for the development of our plants, due to their temperature isolation structure.

- Increases the yield: You can experience 2 to 3 times the yield compared to open field conditions. And for hydroponic crops, it can be up to 10 times.

- Fewer problems: By protecting the crops, climate damage is minimized.

- Water savings: Greenhouses usually use drip irrigation, which is more efficient and can even help you save water.

- Better pest and disease control: Airtightness is key to good pest and disease control.

- Grow all year round: Climate control inside the greenhouse allows you to grow all year round without problems.

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