Mexican mango shipping in full swing

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Mexican mango shipping in full swing

The Mexican mango deal had a slow start between March and April, but the weather has turned. “The Mexican mango deal continues to progress with peak volume due to concurrent production across three states – Chiapas, Michoacan, and Nayarit,” Chris Ciruli, indicates to on May 4. 

Ciruli, who is the COO of Ciruli Bros. LLC, based in Rio Rico, AZ, says his firm is in its peak mango season, and expects good volume through June.

Mexican mango groves received some light rains in the past week, so Ciruli expects sizing to improve with Champagne-brand Ataulfo mangos peaking in the 16 – 18 count range, and Kent mangos peaking in the 9-count range.

For overall volume, “We expect Champagnes to peak between May 15th through June 15th, and Kents to peak between the 19th of June to the 17th of July, approximately. We continue to see an increase in demand for both yellow and round varieties.”

The yellow Champagne mangos are moving, and continue to be shipped in multiple SKUs, including Ciruli’s traditional four-kilo case and several clamshell packs. As the Chiapas and Michoacan deals slow down, Nayarit volume will pick up starting the second week of May through early July.

“It’s still a bit early” for Sinaloa’s mango harvest, he adds.

  Ciruli crosses Mexican mangos through Nogales, AZ, and McAllen, TX. 

Crossings through both ports of entry continue to grow volume-wise. Ciruli adds: “We continue to see some challenges in Texas due to storms and power outages, and with the upcoming changes in Title 42, we also expect more military presence at both borders. We expect Texas Governor Abbott to request more truck inspections, which if not properly planned for, can be detrimental for produce crossings.”

He adds that several trade associations are pushing now for continuous access to commercial lanes and proper staffing in anticipation of these changes.

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