Packaging giant, Sorma Group, celebrates 50th anniversary at Macfrut 2023

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Packaging giant, Sorma Group, celebrates 50th anniversary at Macfrut 2023

Sorma Group, the Italian packaging company which has played a leading role in the transformation of fruit and vegetable packaging worldwide in the last half-century, celebrated its 50-year anniversary at Macfut, with all those who have contributed to its success: customers, suppliers, personnel, and associates

Sorma Group highlighted the importance of its relationships for the company’s growth ever since its launch in 1973. 

That year, Nevio Lotti, founder, returned to Italy’s Romagna region after gaining business experience in Spain with the engineering firm Roda.

Lotti was aware that a balance had to be struck between the demands of producers and distributors and that technological innovation was the way to reconcile the needs of the two sides. 

Sorma has pursued this aim ever since and continues to do so today, with solutions that cover all fruit and vegetable post-harvesting pro- cessing phases.

With Lotti’s interest in international relations, Sorma soon acquired an international structure with locations in France, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands and even outside Europe itself. Today the group has an impressive 10 production sites on four continents.

The company highlighted that its focus is on the human aspect, a model they have maintained for the last 50 years.

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“On this occasion, our thanks go to our founder and everyone who has made Sorma what it is today,” commented Andrea Mercadini, current CEO of the Group. 

“It’s easy to use the word group, but we really are one, and have been for 50 years. From employees who have now retired, who built the company, trained colleagues, and installed machines in dozens of countries, to current staff, some of whom have been working for us for more than 35 years, and from suppliers to customers, people are our real added value, because what we do would be impossible without them.”

Sorma has designed and marketed more than 200 machine models and created more than 60 models of packaging, protected by 60 industrial patents developed by the Group’s various R&D centers, and it has production sites and dealers all over the world.

In 2022 the Group opened a location in Lima, Peru, which is Sorma Iberica’s second subsidiary in South America, after the one established in Chile, and the Group’s seventeenth company. 


“The South American market is growing strongly, and we already have a large number of customers there,” stated Mario Mercadini, Marketing Manager of Sorma Group. 

“So opening another subsidiary was the obvious choice. In fact, our automatic packaging lines with optical grading are perfect for the most important local products, such as mangos and avocados, for which we actually have a specific sorter machine. Maintaining our usual working approach, we want to be close to our customers and partner with them in building the best solutions for their needs,” he said.

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