Westfalia expanding Mozambique operations

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Westfalia expanding Mozambique operations

Global producer and marketer Westfalia Fruit announces expansion of its Mozambique avocado packing facility.

The company says its committed to “propelling Mozambique's avocado sector forward with a focus on fostering growth and innovation.”

Commercial avocado growing was introduced in the country in 2015, with the sector making its first shipments three years later.

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Mozambique’s avocado industry has experienced significant growth, reaching an export volume of 6.5 million pounds in 2022. This represents a 154% increase year-on-year.

Europe, Russia, the Middle East and, in a smaller measure, South Africa, represent the major destinations for Mozambican avocados,

Hass, Fuerte, Hass, Gwen, and Pinkerton are Mozambique ’s  main varieties .

The  packhouse upgrade is underway and scheduled for  completion by r the second week of February 2024. 

This packhouse expansion embodies not only the company’s dedication to Mozambique 's avocado sector but also signifies a significant stride towards reinforcing the local economy and promoting sustainable agricultural practices, Westfalia  says in a release.

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