Joy Wing Mau Group and China Aerospace reach strategic cooperation

The Joy Wing Mau Fruit Technologies Group has officially signed a contract to become the strategic partner of China's aerospace industry.
December 12 , 2022

Fruit Logistica 2023: One industry, one place, all in one

December 09 , 2022

Francisco Campama to step down from Frupco after 38 years

After 38 years of growing the company into one of the largest fresh fruit 3PL companies in the U.S., Francisco Campama is selling his interest in Frupco Expediting to his business partner.
December 07 , 2022

Celebrating Ramadan with Natural Delights

Natural Delights understands the importance of dates in Muslim culture and works hard to produce enough volume domestically and internationally to serve all customers year-round.
October 31 , 2022

Technologies to face the challenges of the Chilean blueberry market

Liventus, a leading company in the development of post-harvest technologies, offers different solutions that help solve the main problems of blueberry exporters.
October 25 , 2022

Natural Delights’ Medjool dates: A harvest of tradition and innovation

As the category leader in North America, Natural Delights is equipped with innovation, marketing support, and merchandising expertise that continues to drive new consumers to the date sector.
October 24 , 2022

Carbon Dioxide Permeability and the effect of Polyphenol Oxidase enzyme on cherries

Internal browning is a condition problem that occurs in all stone fruits after a certain period of time, being cherries one of the most susceptible specie. Liventus Global manages to solve the main pains in both avocados and blueberries in the Chilean market.
October 05 , 2022

Chile’s C&L Fruit aims to win over US market with stonefruit flavor and color innovations

C&L Fruit will be bringing a number of innovative plum, nectarine, peach, cherry and citrus varieties to the US market this year, with the focus on attractive colors and flavors, including high sugar content.
October 03 , 2022

How to stop internal browning in cherries during post-harvest with innovative solutions

Thanks to the research conducted by Liventus, this season there are new solutions that will be able to decrease internal browning’s severity and intensity.
September 20 , 2022

Delaware River region delegation visits Chile

“Our goal was to share advancements on a promising alternative treatment project,” said Miriam Borja-Fisher, Western Fumigation’s Senior Business Development Manager. 
September 06 , 2022