Australia tops organic farmland list

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Australia tops organic farmland list

A Swiss website has reported organically- managed land increased by 6% in 2009, with Oceania and Latin America hosting more than half of the 37 million hectares dedicated to the practice.

Website said 33% of organic farmland was in Oceania, while Europe and Latin America held 25% and 22% respectively.

The study was conducted by FiBL and IFOAM

The story reported Australia had the largest organic farm area with 12 million hectares, followed by Argentina with 4.4 million hectares and the U.S. with 1.9 million hectares

The global organic produce market in 2009 was valued at 40 billion euros (US$54 billion), representing 5% revenue growth on the previous year, according to Landwirtschaft.

But while Australia held the most organic farmland, the most organic food was sold in Europe and North America.

The figures were released by the Research Institute for Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in conjunction with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).



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