iTiQ gives 'Superior Taste' award to Del Monte's Fresh Guac products

May 25 , 2016

The Brussels-based International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) has given Del Monte Fresh Produce a prestigious award for its Guac avocado mixes including Pico De Gallo, Classic and Spicy flavors.

Del Monte guacamole

The 'Superior Taste' award is given to products that achieve a rating above 70% in blind tests, where the food is evaluated on its overall taste as well as criteria like visual appeal, smell, texture and flavor.

The company's Guac mix is preservative free and ready-to-eat, and all flavors are created with fresh veggies, creamy Hass avocados, and a dash of salt.

In a release, Del Monte said these products were ideally positioned to address today's consumer needs for healthy snack items, making them perfect for retailers to add to their fresh produce and deli sections.

The company also said it planned to continue to bring innovative solutions to the avocado category to meet changing needs and preferences.

"We are honored that our Del Monte Fresh Guac have been recognized with the Superior Taste Award," said the company's vice president of marketing for North America, Dennis Christou.

"Our guac is enjoyed by consumers throughout North America and the Middle East, and loved for its exceptional, creamy taste. We are excited to now offer avocados in a value-added format for consumers who enjoy the benefits of convenience and don’t want to sacrifice the fresh taste.

"As more and more consumers become aware of its great taste and nutritional value, Del Monte will continue to bring innovative solutions to the avocado category that meet changing needs and preferences."

Other Del Monte products that have received the award include its Extra Sweet Pineapple cuts, its Fresh Hass Avocado Pulp and its melons.

Fresh guac



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