Mexico: Top avocado-growing state reclaims world record for biggest guacamole

April 12 , 2018

No more than a year after a record was set in the Mexican state of Jalisco for the world’s largest guacamole, a new Guinness World Record has been set in another major avocado-growing region.

A guacamole weighing 3,788 kilograms was recently created in the Tancítaro municipality of Michoacan, reclaiming the record taken in September by Jalisco, which produced a 2,900-kilogram version of the popular dip.

Tancítaro had previously set the world in 2012 with a 2,670 guacamole, La Voz De Michoacan [in Spanish] reported.

The mega-guac was made during the 2018 Tancítaro Expo Fair, with some 500 people working on different production lines for the onions, tomatoes, cilantro, chiles, avocado pulp and lime juice.

The team, made up mainly of volunteers, took around five hours to finish their creation. Of the total volume, 70% was made up of avocados, 15% of tomatoes and 10% of onion.

Local public notary Antonio Álvarez Isais, was present to confirm the guacamole had been prepared under Guinness World Record rules.

Michoacan is the leading production state with around 140,000 hectares, and Jalisco takes second place with 23,000 hectares.


Photo: Lupita Murillo


Photo: Primera Hora Michoacán


Photo: Denuncia Ciudadana Michoacán


Photo: TancitAreando


Photo: Almomentonoticias

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