Fresh Del Monte rebrands shipping service as Network Shipping (NWS)

Fresh Del Monte rebrands shipping service as Network Shipping (NWS)

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Fresh Del Monte rebrands shipping service as Network Shipping (NWS)

Fresh Del Monte Produce has formally spun off and rebranded its third party shipping service as Network Shipping (NWS), as it seeks to optimize cargo space and routes used by its 13 owned cargo vessels.

According to a statement, this latest move seeks to take NWS to a broader audience and offer tailored shipping solutions amidst continuous supply chain pressures.

The company’s recent rebrand improves its service functions with digital technology that better supports human interactions, including a renovated and easy-to-use interface that efficiently streamlines customer bookings and trade-lane information – 

It also will offer six new fully cellular reefer box ships and renaming its four ‘smart’ routes to and from Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru, and the U.S. to raise awareness of endangered marine species.

“As disruptions in logistics and shipping continue to grow, the need to find agile and efficient solutions is greater than ever. Network Shipping is leveraging Fresh Del Monte’s resources, achieving an almost 100% on-time delivery rate, and responding quickly to ever-evolving market needs,” said Mohammad Abu-Ghazaleh, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Fresh Del Monte.

“Amid the ongoing supply chain crisis, customers need a reliable partner. At NWS, our goal is to build extended products enabling better end-to-end solutions tailored to each customer’s needs,” said Francis McCawley, Head of Commercial at Network Shipping. 

“We don't follow a 'one size fits all' model as we know each and every customer is different and equally important, no matter the size,” he added.

The company’s shipping line was credited as a positive force on its most recent quarterly result’s call with investors, and company management does not anticipate supply disruptions returning to in the near future.

According to the statement, NWS has exceeded expectations by turning 2021 into a record year both in revenue and cargo. Commercial cargo, which falls under Fresh Del Monte’s Other Products and Services segment, saw an increase in 2021 revenue by approximately 45% compared with 2020. 

Its strong performance continued into Q1 2022. NWS is outpacing its big shipping line competitors with an almost 100 percent on-time arrival rate versus the reliability between 26 to 50 percent for big shipping lines, the statement added.

The company has also opened new agencies in the U.S., Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Peru to better serve customers. NWS aims to become a more proactive logistics partner in cold-chain solutions (i.e., cold storage at ports and cross-docking) and by enabling better end-to-end solutions through the creation of extended products.

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