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Fruit World sees demand growing for seeded heirloom grape varieties

July 11 , 2022

Fruit World has reported that consumers are showing a nostalgic preference for full-flavor, aromatic grapes, especially seeded varieties.

While the company’s volumes will be up in 2022, demand is once again expected to exceed supply. "Retail buyers, particularly at specialty and gourmet grocery chains, are responding to consumer interest and placing early orders to lock-in supply," stated Fruit World co-founder and CEO Bianca Kaprielian.

"No longer just a children’s healthy snack, adults are drawn to the bold flavor profiles of our Kyoho and Thomcord varieties to use in recipes, charcuterie boards and creative beverages," she continued.

Kyoho grapes, which are one of the company's slip-skin, seeded varieties, with large, round berries, are highly prized and renowned for their robust flavor, especially in Asian cultures. 

In addition, Fruit World has announced they are in process of converting Kyoho vineyards to organic production, and expect to have organic Kyoho grapes available for the 2024 season.

 "Place a bowl of Kyohos on the counter, and the room will be filled with an irresistible aroma," added CJ Buxman, Fruit World co-founder and Director of Supply.

"And the seeds are an added attraction, with many people eating the crunchy seeds and enjoying the enhanced experience and nutritional benefits," he explained.

Also hitting later this month are Fruit World’s Thomcord grapes. Thomcord, a hybrid-cross of Concord and Thompson Seedless varieties, combines the rich, full Concord flavor with the tender skin and seedless qualities of the Thompson grape. 

Moreover, Fruit World is also the exclusive marketing partner for organic grape-growing pioneer Pete Wolf’s black, red and green heirloom table grapes. "At 92 years young, Pete Wolf is still tending vines that are at least a dozen years older than he is," said Buxman. 

"His fruit is just exquisite, and our long-standing partnership with him epitomizes the essence and mission of our company. We are passionate about working with growers that share our values and vision of keeping family farming thriving into future generations," he added.

This year’s season is anticipated to run from late-July through October, with promotable volumes available throughout August, into early September.

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