Mexican supplies drive up weekly mango forecast

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Mexican supplies drive up weekly mango forecast

The National Mango Board (NMB) is projecting an almost 3% increase in weekly mango imports, as strong Mexican supplies continue to fill U.S. shelves.

The greatest availability of imports to the U.S. from Mexico is from February through September. 

Imports from Brazil usually start in August, followed by supplies through March from Central America, Ecuador, Peru, Haiti, Australia, and more recently Jamaica and Colombia.

This makes mangoes available year-round in the United States.

In the NMB’S latest crop report, the Kent  variety leads with a 56% share of total shipments into the U.S., reaching 969,090 boxes by week 26, or, the last week of June. .

It is followed by Ataulfo, with 22.5%, and Tommy Atkins, with 19%.

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To date, Mexico holds the first place among mango exporters into the U.S., with over four  million 8.8 pound boxes shipped.

Weekly mango volumes  to the U.S. rose by 17.72% marking a 565,866-box increase on last week to 3,759,210 boxes.

Average weekly prices fell by 8.02% marking a $0.38 decrease on last week, from $4.74 to $4.36.

Last week, spoke to Chris Ciruli, COO of Ciruli Bros. in Rio Rico, AZ, who confirmed this trend.

Ciruli said that the industry had enjoyed six straight weeks with total sales of at least four million boxes, and that the Mexican deal should conclude in late September for Ciruli.

The Mexican mango season began the first week of January and will run until the first week of October with a projection(up to week 40—Oct. 7, 2023 - ) of approximately 101 million boxes. 

The season saw its peak in week 18, at 17,900 tons, a 50% increase  over week 18 of 2022.

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