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Peruvian grape volumes catching up in Europe

Consumers in Europe are facing severely increased cost of living and grapes are not a necessity, which could lead to less demand for the product.

calendar_today January 27 , 2023
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Chile lowers table grape export forecast again

For the upcoming season, Chile will ship 36.3 million boxes of new varieties and 19.5 million boxes of traditional varieties.

calendar_today December 05 , 2022
Chile - The Grape Reporter
Chile: More than half of table grape exports in 2022-23 will be of new varieties

The milestone follows significant efforts in the Latin American country to plant new grape varieties and become more competitive on the world stage.

calendar_today November 07 , 2022
Headline - The Grape Reporter
South Africa table grape industry works for improvement over 2021-22

Weeks ahead of the season’s first South African grape exports, South Africa’s table grape industry released a strong statement on Sept. 22. The indication is that its growers are ready for a much better season than the last.

calendar_today September 29 , 2022
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Spanish brand launches sneakers made from grapes

A Mallorcan company is preparing its international expansion and celebrating with the launch of Grape Casual, its latest and innovative venture. 

calendar_today September 19 , 2022
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Peru forecasts 11% increase in table grape exports

Peru's table grape association Provid has forecast exports in the 2022-23 season to increase by 11 percent to 71.5 million boxes equivalent to 8.2 kilograms each.

calendar_today September 12 , 2022
Agronometrics in Charts
Agronometrics in Charts: Peruvian grape exports rising exponentially

Prices in the 2021-2022 season ranged from $18.08 per package to $31.80 per package, reflecting the existing volatility in the market.

calendar_today September 08 , 2022
Headline - The Grape Reporter
Logistics crisis affecting Peruvian table grape quality this season

“There were not enough spaces on ships to cover export capacity. Delays in the import of materials caused problems with costs and shortages, due to the increase in freight rates," said Agrokasa's Camila Borgesa.

calendar_today August 31 , 2022
Industry & Trade - The Grape Reporter
California grower McClarty talks about boosting grape consumption

"As an industry, we need to review where we are, where we are going, and how to get there. This means looking at exciting technological advances, new varieties, and how to protect company secrets, yet at the same time share best practices," said McClarty.

calendar_today August 31 , 2022
Markets & Economy - The Grape Reporter
South African table grape 2021-22 season sees increases in production, exports

A total of 77,7 million cartons were inspected and passed for export, according to a recently published SATI report.

calendar_today August 26 , 2022
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