Smooth Jazz apple transition for Europe with NZ season underway

May 07 , 2015

Enza's continental European office is upbeat for the first imports of Jazz apples from the New Zealand season, highlighting a "seamless" transition from a local crop that notched successful sales this year. Jazz apple

In a release, Enzafruit said the first deliveries were expected in early May, but the effects of heavy hailstorms on New Zealand's North and South Islands during November meant the Jazz export volume would be down 20-25%.

The group said the harvest was delayed by two weeks this year because of a cool spring, however a hot summer was able to offset the impacts of low temperatures, leading to high quality fruit with good coloring.

Enzafruit expects similar volumes year-on-year for imports of the early variety Royal Gala, while only a limited offering will be made available for the the exclusive variety Envy.

The company said it was still too early to give an accurate estimate for the later Braeburn variety, but the first arrivals are expected in week 20.

Half of Enzafruit's volumes will arrive in Belgium via conventional vessels from New Zealand, while the remaining 50% will come to Europe in container ships.





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