California avocado season broke pricing records, says Index Fresh

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California avocado season broke pricing records, says Index Fresh

California-based global avocado marketer Index Fresh has wrapped up its California season with good prices and high quality fruit.

According to the company, the prices this season broke all records on a dollars per carton basis.

“With a smaller crop, you can usually expect higher prices, due to simple supply and demand. Mexico also had a short crop, and undershipped in June & July," said Giovanni Cavaletto, vice president of sourcing. "This helped shore up prices in California, especially in the last months of the season"

“It was a short crop, so California finished in early September instead of October. The quality this season was outstanding. Index Fresh also picked up new growers, which is always great.”

One of the big support areas for Index Fresh growers has come through the company’s consulting agronomist, Gerardo Aldunate, who visited growers again this season to help with questions on cultural practices and productivity. 

“Growers will probably adjust their harvest [next season]. There might be an earlier desire to start harvest, and implement size picking, and doing multiple picks rather than just one pick,” said Keith Blanchard, California field manager.

“Growers may be cautious over potential cold and hot weather factors. Everyone is still feeling the sting of the heatwave of 2017, so they might not want to gamble with leaving the fruit on the tree too long.”


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