Peru expecting larger Hass avocado crop this year

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Peru expecting larger Hass avocado crop this year

The Peruvian Hass avocado industry is expecting to export greater volumes in the coming season than the previous year.

In 2019, Peru's shipments of the fruit fell by 17% to 285,000MT.

The result, which was lower than had been forecast at the beginning of the season, was driven by sharp declines in northern growing regions. 

But for the 2020 season, Daniel Bustamante, president of industry body ProHass, said exports would be higher year-on-year, Agraria reported.

He attributed this to new areas coming into production and rising productivity of young orchards.

"It's too early to give the percentage that exports could grow by," he was quoted as saying. An initial estimate will likely be ready in late January or early February.

"So far climatic conditions have been adequate for avocado production."

Currently, the main production regions are in the process of natural fruit drop, Bustamante said. He explained that this was an annual process that should finish at the end of January. After that, it will become clear how large the crop could be.

New production areas to come into play this season are mainly in Olmos in the northern Lambayeque province, and in the mountainous region.

"This increase is significant because it will allow our country to supply fruit for a longer period. Avocados from Olmos and the mountainous region are produced earlier," he was quoted as saying.

The Peruvian avocado season traditionally started around late April, but it is now around one month earlier. This new characteristic was first clearly seen last season.

In terms of markets, he said that Peru was continuing to diversify. Asia and Latin America are currently big growth markets for the country. South Korea and Thailand recently opened for Peruvian avocados.

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