New Zealand avocado exports rise in 2020

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New Zealand avocado exports rise in 2020

This season the New Zealand avocado industry saw exports jump 26% year-on-year, according to the sector's final season report.

With volumes jumping up to 3.8m 5.5kg trays, the industry also cited a US$6.7m increase in sales - a total of about $33m worth of avocado trays sold.

Leading industry body, the New Zealand Avocado Grower's Association Inc., highlighted the significance of Asian markets like Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan in boosting avocado exports as the region gained 35% more shipments in 2020.

New Zealand's avocado growers and exporters are anticipating further growth and development, said the Association. Continued investment in growth plans by the organization seeks to support local growers and expand on existing avocado properties, it explained.

While the uncertainty surrounding this season's exports amid Covid-19, the industry explained that freight and import challenges will need to be addressed moving forward. However, demand remains consistently strong, noted the Association.

Looking towards next season, the industry expects as big as a 10-15% rise in volumes from new plantings coming into production.

Currently, though the region's recent drought "will have put some stress on the trees," detailed NZ Avocado CEO Jen Scoular in a statement, the "2020-20 season is looking very good on the trees".

Collaboration moving forward 

Schoular went on to say that New Zealand's avocado producers participate in a collective alongside government departments to strategize for post-pandemic recovery. This is true of many actors in the agriculture industry as joint efforts sought to continue harvesting throughout the lockdown.

"I am excited by the potential of this new level of industry-government collaboration. This strategy recognizes the opportunity to create sustainable value by working together as we grow, transport and market..." said the CEO.

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