Hurricane Idalia halts some U.S. east coast service

Hurricane Idalia halts some U.S. east coast service

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Hurricane Idalia halts some U.S. east coast service

Danish shipping company Maersk reported that their port operations on the east coast of the United States will be affected by the passage of Hurricane Idalia. This will result in the closure and restricted operation of certain port facilities.

After initially indicating that Maersk’s operations at ports of Jacksonville, Savannah, Charleston, and Wilmington, NC, would operate under certain restrictions, on Aug. 31, the company informed that their operations on these ports are now closed. All vessel schedules will be impacted. 

The Port of Tampa FL, will also remain closed -initially- due to the effects of the meteorological event. No Maersk vessel is expected to arrive there in the short term.

Miami, Port Everglades, and Freeport ports will remain open without restrictions, and operations are expected to remain normal.

The company will continue to monitor berth prospects and update Maersk vessel schedules.

“Our business resilience teams have been working to secure approximately 30 Maersk facilities that have experienced some impact from Idalia. At this time, we have not experienced any major disruptions to our facility operations as a result of the storm,” Maersk says in a release.

As Hurricane Idalia moves east and is downgraded to a tropical storm, east coast ports are expected to reopen and resume operations. 

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