Year 2015 in Review - First Half -

Year 2015 in Review - First Half

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Year 2015 in Review - First Half

By Fresh Fruit Portal editor Matthew Ogg

Labor is frequently cited as one of the biggest challenges facing the international fruit industry, so it comes as no surprise industrial action dominated the biggest headlines of 2015, whether it was U.S. West Coast port strikes that severely damaged the trade or union-related disputes on farms. raspberry punnet - panorama

U.S. berry company Driscoll's was embroiled in two such conflicts in the early part of the year, involving Baja California supplier BerryMex in San Quintin and Sakuma Farms in Washington State.

An attempted boycott of Driscoll's berries was our most read story of 2015, instigated by an NGO in Oregon called the Fair World Project that urged the multinational to suspend sourcing from Sakuma until it signed a 'fair' contract with the union Familias Unidas por la Justicia (FUJ), translated as 'Families United for Justice'.

Driscoll's executive vice president Soren Bjorn told he always took matters like this very seriously, but third party audits had shown issues raised by the FUJ had been sufficiently addressed and therefore the multinational would "stand behind" its partner.

"We feel that there were some legitimate claims a while back and those have all been properly addressed by Sakuma," Bjorn said.

"Clearly people have the right to disagree and protest, and there's little we can do about that, but if the claims are not legitimate at some point then we don't think that's going to have any significant impact in the marketplace."

What did have a very large impact on the marketplace was the dispute between the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), who weren't able to agree to a new contract until Feb. 21 following intervention from U.S. President Barack Obama.

California Citrus Mutual (CCM) president Joel Nelsen said the dispute couldn't have come at a worse time for the fruit industry.

"Fruit is rotting on the docks, sales are being canceled by the customer and our industry has slowed its harvesting so as not to place matured fruit into the market place," Nelsen said.

"All this damage is created by two entities that seek to maximize their economic well-being while sacrificing others."

The effects were felt abroad as well, with Chilean growers claiming to have lost US$50 million in fruit exports from the ordeal, while it was tougher for Chinese importers to receive North American fruit on time.

But during this period the Chinese produce sector was dealing with a much bigger problem of its own. In an investigation into a broker over alleged tax evasion, Chinese authorities detained 33 people including Dalian Yidu director Liu Zhi, who it is understood has since been released.

The debacle led to hundreds of containers of Chilean cherries and Peruvian grapes being diverted to other markets, and prompted New Zealand kiwifruit company Zespri to distance itself from the group.

Elsewhere, Chiquita's transition to ownership under Cutrale-Safra continued prompting shake-ups throughout the year with the closure of its Charlotte headquarters and a move to Florida, while Monsanto made its tilt at Syngenta in what has been an ongoing process of consolidation in the crop protection and seed industries.

Other significant events in the first half included United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approval for Okanagan Specialty Fruit's (OSF) genetically modified non-browning Arctic apples, the detection of Panama Disease Tropical Race IV for the first time in the Australian state of Queensland, and Medfly detections in Chile; at least in the case of the latter, the incursion has been eradicated since then.

With only seven stories highlighted per month in this summary there are so many interesting and relevant issues that didn't make it into the list below, but we hope you enjoy looking back at some of the positive stories from the half and can reflect on some of the more challenging issues. Stay tuned for our second part of the Year 2015 in Review tomorrow.


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